Description   Across Asia and Latin America we are witnessing
the emergence of queer faith-based communities in
very dissimilar contexts and with very different
histories. Exploring the way that these
communities address issues of ecclesiology and
rites would benefit students to explore the ways
that our global village is moving in terms of the
intersections among religion, gender, and
sexuality. The course investigates what are the
struggles and mechanisms that these communities
have to cope in their context with ingrained
homophobia, transphobia, lesbophobia and the
like. At the same time, it will examine how those
communities enact interreligious and
multireligious dialogue and rituals and how faith
and activism are coupled to counter oppressive
discourses and colonial performativities in their
own situations. The course also features guest
ministers and activists from different context to
whom we can turn to learn from their experiences
and who will be "present" every class through
recorded videos. [Faculty Consent required; 20
max enrollment; Auditors excluded]
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