Title   MARIAN ART
   Description   Queen of Heaven, Immaculate Conception, Mother,
Advocate, Star of the Sea: from the early
Christian centuries to today, representations of
the Virgin Mary have evolved and changed, and are
as diverse as her many titles. Using a
cross-disciplinary approach, this course will
examine the making, meaning, and reception of
Marian images within the various social,
religious, and cultural milieus from which they
emerged. We will consider Theotokos icons,
Italian Renaissance imagery of the Virgin and
Child, nineteenth-century portrayals of Mary as
the Immaculate Conception, the miraculous
Madonnas at Guadalupe and Czestochowa, and
vernacular Marian shrines. The course will
include film screenings, gallery trips, and a
visit to a mission church. Students will be
evaluated through final research papers on an
original topic of their choice (70% of final
grade), class participation (10% of final grade),
and an oral presentation (20% of final grade).
Final projects with creative art components
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