Title   SUFI DHIKR
   Description    "If you remember Me, I will remember You"
~Qur'an 2:152~

Throughout the world Sufism is identified as the
mystical dimension of Islam emphasizing the
student's journey towards higher states of
consciousness and unity with The Divine. Just as
the surfer becomes one with the wave so does the
human heart become one with The Eternal through
the practice of Dhikr, remembrance of The Divine.
In this experiential course students will explore
the many facets of Dhikr, including chanting,
prayer, meditation, Qur'anic recitation,
movement, and music. Sufi communities, or
"tariqas," are found throughout the world and
vary from country to country. This course will
touch upon many different traditions and focus
primarily on the Naqshbandi tradition from
Dagistan. [40 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]
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