The art of ritual plays an important role in our
individual and collective lives, yet little
attention is given to creating effective new
rituals that speak to our diverse and changing
worlds. This course will begin an exploration of
ancestral sources of ritual; ritual theory and
practice; effective sacred technologies; public
and large group rituals; intimate personal
rituals; and the role of ritual in our lives and
the many ways it can enrich our lives, such as
honoring rites of passage, healing from pain and
loss, and creating celebrations fostering group
solidarity. Students will collaborate on the
design and perform a ritual as a final project.
This overlaps SKSM's categories of Life in
Religious Community and Interfaith Engagement,
Thea/ology in Culture and Context, Educating for
Wholeness and Liberation, Embodied Wisdom and
Beauty. [20 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]
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